Teen Patti Master Online App

Teen Patti Master Online App

How to downlod Teen Patti Master Online App

Hello Friends !!!

             How are you freind ? .Today i will give you detailed information about What is teenpattimasterdownload game and how to play it. Teen Patti Master Online App is a 100% secure online game powered by taurus Cash Application.

 in many games there is a possibility  of cheating you but since Teen Patti master 2023 is ruled by Taurus. you will not have to worry abot getting cheated at all to play this game. fullon how to download Teen Patti Master Apk Mod signup, and how to withdraw your winnings from riots to your bank account..

I will give you information step here how to download Teen Patti Master Online game. so friends click on the download button given above and download Teen Patti Master app

Teen Patti Master Online App

New version


2 Step verify complet Get bonus rs. 20 Of Teen Patti Master Online App


Immediately you will get 20 rupees as bonus from the company for playing the game.

 In this way you can sign up the game compeletly and get a sign up bonus of 20 rupees in this way you can sign up the in two step and play the threefold  master game very safely. 

So friends it is very necessary to sign up in two steps like ths to secure teen patti game

Teen Patti Master Game downlod Mod is very fun online game. how  you can download teen patti master Online game and play the game and  which bonus  you can get by playing the game is given here in detail. 

when you open the game, you will get many options to play the game, its detailed informations has been given to you along with the photoof each game.

Install the game after downloading. open the game after it is an installd.Afterr opeaning the game, add the mobile number as showen in the photo below.Add mobile and click on otp button. A 6 digit otp will be sent to your mobile number,enter it.

Then click on the sign up button and sign up the game.After signing up,

Open the game.After opeaning the game, click on the game sign up button at the top right enter your mobile number again.Click on the otp  button, immediately a 4 digit otp will apeear, enter t here do and click on sign up button open the game

Signup Bonus Rs. 20 Of Teen Patti Master Online App


  • To Sign up for teen patti master game, first of all click on the download button and  dwnload the game.
  •  open the game after downloading it. if you open the game, 
  • the interface shown in the above photo will appear in front of you. you will see the mobile number written. enter your mobile number there.
  •  And click on the otp written there otp will come on your mobile number in a while.
  •  Enter  that 6 digit otp and click on the sign up button. if you click, the game will open.20 rupees will be given for playing the game from the company side.
  • then if you click on the sign up button in the middle at the top, you will be asked to sign up again.enter your mobile number and enter 4 digit otp. your game will be compeletly signed up

Add Money To Teen Patti Master App & Extra Bonus 30%

How to money Add In Teen teen Patti Master Online App

You will have the option  of phone  pay, paytm, Bhim, google pay and others.Click on how you want to add money.sign account with phone number Enter your secret cod money will be deducted form your game account to play games. through which you can earn lakhs of rupees by playing the game.

Note  If the money is deducted from your bank account and deposited in the game account,

you can send a request to the company to get your money back.

Add Money Rs. 500 + Bonus 1000 = 1500 Rupees Of Teen Patti Master Online App

Here is the full details on how you can add money to play  games after signing up. First of all, you click on the button of 500+ 1000=1500. And 500 rupees you click on phone pay, paytm,bhim or feer other and you choose any option that you can add money online.

When you edit 500 rupees,you will get 500 rupees to play the game and above 1000 rupees wil be deposited in gullak. every time you play the game, you will win from 1000 rupees. if you click on the gullak, the winning money will be deposited in your game play.

Add Money Teen Patti Master Online App & Get Extra Bonus 500 + 1000 = 1500


         Yes, My friend ! Here is detailed information on how you can add money online in teen patti master game. it is very easy way to add money online in teen patti master game. 

To add money you can add money to your game in 2 ways. One without bonus and another with bonus. First of all let’s know how to get bonus by Adding money. Click on the add button as shown in the game you will get an option of 500+ 1000=150.

 Click on it Instantely 300 bonus 15%, 500 bonus 20%…,1000 bonus 20 %, 3000 bonus 25%… and 50000 bonus 30% in this way click on the percentage amount you want to get bonus and enter below,Upi-1.,Upi-3, Upi-5 Click on add cash button below.

signup complet Get 200 Rs. free Of Teen Patti Master Online App

 200 rupees bonus is given to every player in teen patti master game from teen patti master company. 

        After signing up the game, you will immediately see this button in the game.

in which you will be given cash of rs 192.44. In which you need onely 7.56 rupees to deposite in your bank account. this 7:60 rupees you invite your friends to play and your friends add 20 rupees and you can get 0.1 paisa credit. in this way, if your 200 rupees are completed here, 

you can immediately deposite 200 rupees in your bank account. in this way you can get 200 rupees  free bonus from teen patti master game

Free Bonus Rs. 200 Of Teen Patti Master Online App Card

Complet Verify  Of Teen Patti Master Oneline App & Free Card Bonus

Teen patti master card bonus gee yes dude!

     Complete information about how you can get card bonus in teen patti master game is shown here with photos. 

You will click the three fold master game, so you will see the two options shown in the photo. (1) 500=660 and (2) 3000=4000. If you add 500 rupees by clicking on the button of 500=600,you will get 100 rupees in game id immediately and you will get 80 rupees in teen patti master  game id every day for 7 days. 

similarly,if you click on the button of 3000=4000 and add 3000 rupees, then you will get 1000 rupees immediately and you will be given 100 rupees to play the game every day for 30 days. This way you can avail the  card bonus.

  • 1000            TO           3000                GET

3001              TO           5000                GET

5001              TO           8000                 GET

8001               TO          10000               GET

10001             TO           15000             GET

Features Of Teen Patti Master

  • Free Sign Up Bonus: When you will download the Teen Patti Master APK and register with the mobile number and OTP you will receive ₹20 sign up bonus into your wallet. But if you continue chek-in daily you will get more bonus.
  • 100% Safe Gaming: Teen Patti Master is the most trusted Rummy portal millions of users play games daily. You can use it without any worries.
  • User Friendly Interface: The interface of this application is very attractive and user friendly which you can manage very smoothly.
  • Various Games Collection: This app has a vast collection of games like multiplayer, skilled and slots. You can discover your favourite games according to your skills and play with the real time multiplayers.
  • Referral Program: Teen Patti Master has a one of most profitable referral program through which you can earn unlimited money into the Bank account.
  • VIP Program: This app has a VIP program if you join you will earn Daily Bonus, Weekly Bonus & Monthly Bonus. To join the VIP program you must deposit atleast ₹100 into your wallet. Remember the more amount you deposit the higher the VIP level you have and you will earn more bonus.
  • Exciting Deposit Offers: Teen Patti Master provides exciting offers on deposit you can apply them while deposit and get extra bonus.
  • Instant Withdrawal: From the Teen Patti Master APK you can withdraw your money into the Bank account instantly. No KYC or No PAN card required for withdrawal.
  • 24X7 Customer Service: Teen Patti Master provides excellent customer support if you face any problem you can contact the team via live chat option. Simply tap the ‘Service’ option to reach the customer support team.

When you win some good sum of cash, you’d naturally want to celebrate with it. Now, before you can go ga-ga with the money, you need to transfer it to your bank account from the safe custody of the Teen Patti Master app. 

If you have earned a considerable amount, then you may feel the urge to extract some of it. Or all of it. Then you need the assistance of the withdrawal system set in place in the app. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rupees. Withdrawals are processed through fully verified and trusted channels, so you’ll never have to worry about your money whatsoever. 

These are the steps on how to withdraw your money on Teen Patti Master:

  • First, go to the homepage of your account. Then, tap on the ‘Withdraw’ button.
  • Then, select the amount you want to withdraw. The minimum is 100 rupees. Then tap on the ‘Withdraw’ button.
  • Select your preferred payment method. You’ll have UPI and Bank Transfer. Fill in with your details.
  • Finally submit your withdrawal request.
  • Wait for some time, the amount will be reflected in your bank account.
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